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The Super Easy LMS

We believe that quality education and learning is a universal right

Educational challenges of today are different than those faced in the past, and many, if not most, of the current educational systems across the globe are mired in outdated, inefficient learning methods and technologies. myVLE has been created to optimize learning experiences and maximize the assimilation of information through a blended learning approach.

Two of the main concepts around which myVLE has been built are Flexibility & Universality.

The vast majority of existing virtual learning environments have rigid structures that dictate how instructors are to use their solutions. We believe that to be a mistake and one of the reasons why VLEs are not as commonly used as a supplement to traditional classroom teaching as they ought to. Indeed, most instructors have been using a particular teaching methodology for many years and are reluctant to embrace a different one. myVLE's approach to this issue is to provide a very flexible and extremely intuitive platform which would be perceived by instructors as a tool which would help them teach better, but not force them to change the way they teach or manage their courses.

myVLE's features have been designed to support and encourage knowledge sharing in multi-directions and multi-levels, but do not dictate how, how often or to what extend instructors should use the platform. Whether an instructor needs a simple online tool to sporadically share media and communicate with students, or needs a powerful virtual learning environment to allow the cancellation of part of the in-class sessions in favor of online teaching, myVLE would be the perfect solution for both. Not only that, but in both cases the instructor would feel as if he or she is using the platform for what it was intended to.

To reinforce the universality aspect, myVLE's design takes several constraints into account and caters for all of them. First, different generations are using myVLE; from high school students to much older university instructors. The design we opted for then is modern enough to appeal to the younger crowd without being too much so that it would intimidate older generations.

We invite you to join our growing community of education professionals, students and others who all share one thing in common - a conviction that the world of education is in need of a modern solution that does not hinder good instruction, but provides the environment and tools required to deepen the educational experiences of both students and instructors.